Corridors Welfare Inc

Corridors Welfare was established as an extension of Corridors College and Corridors Training.

The main focus of Corridors Welfare is to provide those services to young people within our society that training and education do not automatically supply. The general approach that Corridors Welfare takes is to ensure that young people can feel safe within themselves and society and so when someone is needy then Corridors Welfare will step. We can assist with all ofthose things that make life worth living but downright difficult without them.

Emergency assistance comes in many forms and as such Corridors Welfare can assist with fulfilling the day to day emergency needs from food parcels to accommodation– or even just the assistance with how to get those things.

Corridors Welfare is a public benevolent institution and also has DGR status. This means that if you wish to donate to Corridors Welfare – and many people would no doubt like to help – then those donations (over $2.00) are fully tax deductible.

Corridors Welfare is always looking for ways to help our community and always on the lookout for those who have the same feeling – so if you want to help in some small way or even a big way please give us a call – we would love to hear from you.


Address: 1 Cale Street, Midland, WA 6056

Postal: PO Box 1725 Midland, WA 6936


Phone: (08) 9250 6222   Fax (08) 9250 6013